Monday, 15 July 2013

escape to Provence

We grabbed our suitcases at Mountpellier International Airport. Ed's guitar case, with valium and sleeping tablets had to go through a second inspection. He’d looked concerned though he’d had the necessary prescriptions. ‘O hon, don’t worry about the valium, you know what the French are like. They love tablets. It’s part of the culture. Bet they’re sorry they couldn’t get at yours.’
‘No, I just really fucking need one, Elsa..’

It was late afternoon. We walked towards Hertz Rent a Car. They handed us the keys to an old Renault Scenic

We set out towards Sainte Marie de La Mer. ‘Ah, isn’t it lovely, babe..’, I said rolling down the window. Wagons and motor homes chugged past.‘Just watch the road’, he said rolling a cigarette. My sister would be waiting with her new boyfriend, Ido, A model. He’d defected to France to escape military service. Ido was helping with the camera work for the documentary.  Ed started to relax. He stuck on his shades and began singing along to Jacques Brel.  

We reached Sainte Marie de la Mer at nightfall. ‘Hey you guys!..’ I could hear Susie yelling from the beach. She was waving a bottle of wine. ‘Ido is lighting a fire. Tell Ed to bring his guitar!’ She was wearing a scarf around her waist, her red hair freshly braided. I could see Ido in a bandana gathering sticks.
‘For Fuck’s sake’, I heard Ed mutter under his breath.
‘Relax, you’, I said pinching his arse. ‘Get your guitar out and join the party…’

© Eabha Rose

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