Thursday, 19 December 2013


Season's Greetings

Thursday, 31 October 2013


The moonlight cast damp
the blue dusk air,
swept it dark,
collected foam
beneath its arches,

Eabha Rose ©

The Ghost Ship - Second Life

Sunday, 27 October 2013

from short film currently working on with Ring taken at Bray Head, Co. Wicklow


thrilled and honoured to have cut-up poetry featured in this new anthology, which also includes the work of Robert Rosen, Mathew Levi Stevens, Nina Antoina, DM Mitchell, Nathan Penlington, Jacurutu Scarry Garry Twenty-Three, Edward Robinson and David Noone, to name but a few. The anthology is edited by Joe Ambrose and A.D. Hitchin. An international book launch is planned for Dublin in November, with Inshallah, subsequent launches in London and Paris.

Joe Ambrose, Jerome Alexandre, Nina Antonia, David Noone, Eabha Rose
at Beat Hotel, Horse Hospital, London, April 2013

Antony Hitchin


Words Undone ~ Enchantment

A trip down memory lane...some of my writings from my blog, Words Undone, which was my first leap into the world of online journaling.  This piece is about poetic creation, pulling togther the threads of a secret language

artist : Eabha Rose

Into The Bardo - Defining Metaphysical Literature

Such a great essay by Niamh Clune featured in Into The Bardo. She speaks about 'reach[ing] to express the beauty inherent in us and in the world about us' ~ Defining Metaphysical Literature by Niamh Clune 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

On The Plum Tree

on the plum tree

Thank you Plum Tree and Niamh Clune for featuring me in Poetry Corner. I am thrilled with the feedback and look forward to reading the words of future contributors.

The Wednesday Poetry Corner

WB Yeats by Irish artist, Paul McCloskey

Paul McCloskey Paintings Gallery

Into The Bardo

Into The Bardo

A wonderful piece of writing by Algerian poet, Imen Benyoub, with a very moving intro by publisher, Niamh Clune. Thank you Into the Bardo for the little mention and for sharing our collaboration. Thank you Trian Kayhatu for bringing it all together!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

National Poetry Day

reading at Dean Crowe Theatre for Athlone Literary Festival on National Poetry Day, 3rd October 2013 ~ a memorable few days alongside Niall O'Connor, John Sexton, Michael Corrigan, Miceal Kearney, Amy Barry, Polly Munnelly, Declan Finneran and lots more new friends

Tuesday, 13 August 2013



that slice of light between bolt and flame
that shining star stretched slip to freedom
that cut-bright-road

Monday, 12 August 2013


Abbess  ~ Abadesa ☆`'•. ¸ * ☆ ゚ ☆ ゚ * ¸.

created using the beautiful photographic art of Brooke Shaden alongside my seascape photography. The music is Bach's Air on a G String (Music for Strings). This is dedicated to my friend, Karime Limon, whose art and words are so precious. Below is a link to some of Karime's work.


Saturday, 10 August 2013


Vanilla lashes
something covertly began
spilled meteors
these windowpane clouds
disturbed winter mind
tethered years inside

© Eabha Rose

Monday, 5 August 2013


under earthen bough
this wedding fanfare wild
steals inside
cradled embers
domed and tethered
by stolen rites

© Eabha Rose

photo : Brooke Shaden

Saturday, 3 August 2013


CUT-UP - An anthology inspired by the Cut-Up method - edited by A.D. Hitchin and Joe Ambrose

(from FB link -

'When you cut into the present the future leaks out.' - William Burroughs

The Cut-Up Method was 'invented' by the artist Brion Gysin and popularized by his friend William Burroughs. It had roots in Dadaism, whose Tristan Tzara threatened to create a poem by drawing random words from a hat.
Creating a Cut-Up involves taking a given text and cutting it into single words, sentences, or paragraphs. The cut up texts are then rearranged by the artist – the creator of the new work.
This groundbreaking anthology features new and historic Cut-Ups by new and established artists, such as Cabell McLean, Dave Mitchell, Matthew Levi Stevens Kenji Siratori, Joe Ambrose, Gary J Shipley, Christopher Nosnibor, A.D. Hitchin, Niall Rasputin, Alex S. Johnson & more to be announced.


Joe Ambrose organised a Cut-Up event in London in April 2013 featuring new writing, film, and art. The author of 14 books, he has worked with Anita Pallenberg, Lydia Lunch, Gerard Malanga, William Burroughs, Marianne Faithfull and The Master Musicians of Joujouka. The Guardian has described his fiction as 'Unputdownable.' He divides his time between Tangier, Morocco and his native Ireland.

A.D. Hitchin is a contemporary practitioner of cut-up. His cut-up poetry was featured at the 'Cut-Ups @ Beat Hotel' event in 2013 and discussed in the academic text ‘Shift Linguals: Cut-Up Narratives from William S. Burroughs to the Present’ as well as at the Textual Revolutions Conference at the University of Stirling in 2009. Hitchin's debut book of cut-up, 'Messages to Central Control,' is available from Paraphilia/Oneiros Books.

Friday, 26 July 2013


this glimpsed november fire,
she speaks with darker eyes,

each flushed whisper
maps her silver light

© Eabha Rose 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Midnight mother,
a weary armour
this door
to a chamber
once forgotten
and almost dreamed.

This singing breeze
drums gently,
its broken bough
slipping, dipping
under feathered arches

© Eabha Rose (from cut-up)

image : Hill of Tara

Monday, 22 July 2013

today with you


Death was creeping up slowly. It was pushing its way up through springtime buds, dancing with the cherry blossoms, resting amongst the lavender and sage. I watched it kneel over autumn’s coverlet, heard it hum as we ran in circles through the wide open fields of childhood, of hours of reverie as we searched for freedom. I heard it sing as I gasped beneath your touch.

(published - Decanto Poetry Journal 12/12)

© Eabha Rose

this morning

Eabha Rose ©

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Galway Review

Galway Review shares Sharon Frye's poetry

American poet, Sharon Frye is a guest of this year's Fermoy Poetry Festival. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Sharon on spoken word productions. The above is a sharing of Sharon's poetry by the Galway Review

Monday, 15 July 2013

escape to Provence

We grabbed our suitcases at Mountpellier International Airport. Ed's guitar case, with valium and sleeping tablets had to go through a second inspection. He’d looked concerned though he’d had the necessary prescriptions. ‘O hon, don’t worry about the valium, you know what the French are like. They love tablets. It’s part of the culture. Bet they’re sorry they couldn’t get at yours.’
‘No, I just really fucking need one, Elsa..’

It was late afternoon. We walked towards Hertz Rent a Car. They handed us the keys to an old Renault Scenic

We set out towards Sainte Marie de La Mer. ‘Ah, isn’t it lovely, babe..’, I said rolling down the window. Wagons and motor homes chugged past.‘Just watch the road’, he said rolling a cigarette. My sister would be waiting with her new boyfriend, Ido, A model. He’d defected to France to escape military service. Ido was helping with the camera work for the documentary.  Ed started to relax. He stuck on his shades and began singing along to Jacques Brel.  

We reached Sainte Marie de la Mer at nightfall. ‘Hey you guys!..’ I could hear Susie yelling from the beach. She was waving a bottle of wine. ‘Ido is lighting a fire. Tell Ed to bring his guitar!’ She was wearing a scarf around her waist, her red hair freshly braided. I could see Ido in a bandana gathering sticks.
‘For Fuck’s sake’, I heard Ed mutter under his breath.
‘Relax, you’, I said pinching his arse. ‘Get your guitar out and join the party…’

© Eabha Rose

words undone

Words Undone on Facebook

Imen Benyoub's "Escape"

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Poets & Artists For A Different World

  • Poets & Artists For A Different World sets out to be THE home for poetry on the web, and by this to assert the importance of poetry itself as an instrument of change and enlightenment, to provide a meeting place for the human spirit, where it can grow in surprising new directions.The group believes that the world itself is a poem, one which we are all writing. And we want it to be, as Byron said of himself: not good, but great. In a 24-hour news culture the individual voice can rarely be heard. Poets & Artists For A Different World seeks to provide a forum for memorable speech by exceptional voices, where all hands reach out to all others, a place where those individual voices can be heard, for the sakeof our present mood and as a gift to future generations.The aim is simple enough: to attract, find, educe, and encourage the best, most interesting voices, and to be a place where excellence can be championed and the soul thrilled and refreshed. New poems and pictures will be posted all the time. So this is the world's spirit, mind, heart and soul speaking to itself. And if the aliens come and want to find out what humanity is like, let them look here to discover what we are like, can be like, should be like, and how we suffer because we are not quite there yet.The site is free and open to all. It already includes poets and artists from all over the world. It is without borders, a place for the cool kids and the world-is-a-village elders to gather together, a reflection of that better world to come, when all conflict is finished, and people can get on with their real work of loving and understanding each other and their planet home. It is a place of clear humanist light within the world's great babble, where we can educate our feelings and liberate ourselves to take new roads ahead.Come one, come all, roll up, roll up, walk with us in the virginal .
    forests…….Each poem, each picture, is our greatest adventur.
    please all posts must be in English , it s international movement
    our website :

    our fond page please like it :
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    our youtube channel
    Email :

Monday, 10 June 2013

National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2013

National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2013


A 3ª Edição do Jornal de Literatura e Arte O EQUADOR DAS COISAS já está em circulação! Um grande abraço às editoras Carol P. ArtBrazil e Karime Limon. Um salve também para Iara Fernandes e Tatiana Carlotti, editoras-convidadas. E um abraço aos colaboradores e entrevistados desta edição, a citar: Helena Frenzel, Natália Escobar, Letícia Palmeira, Eabha Rose, Vinícius Figueiredo, Setty Lepida, Sharon Frye e Ana Lucia Sorrentino. Muito lindo tudo isso. Sigamos, bucaneiros!

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Words Undone

Words Undone - Facebook

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photo : Brooke Shaden

Art Undone Project - Eabha Rose and Trian Kayhatu

photo : Brooke Shaden


photo : Eabha Rose

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Friday, 31 May 2013

It happens in Limerick, this very beautiful Saturday (1st June)! The line-up includes Niall Keegan, Robin Parmar, Eabha Rose and softday. We start at 14:00 sharp, each artist performs c:a 20 minutes, then we catch our breath (with the help of Drjohn's Limerick magnificent bar) and finish with an all-complete-total-immersive group improvisation.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Changing Opinion

~ the awakening

 video created to the music of Philip Glass and artwork of Brooke Shaden and various artists