Friday, 17 January 2014

The Illustrated Word

Art Undone started out as a blog, a venture into the online world of 'self disclosure'. Strange how who we can feel compelled to share intimate details from our lives in this way, far more intimately than we may be inclined to do in our day to day physical world. Perhaps, there's less fear of rejection, of judgment. We can filter what we like, create a 'diffused intimacy' with the reader; and yet, this form of sharing allows us to exorcise our demons. 

As a narrative therapist, much of my focus is on supporting people in the development of life story books, of bringing together, words, images, music to help build upon each person's unique experiences and to set out, in multi-media or book form, a life story, one that can continue to grow and change as new memories emerge and as new experiences are lived. We can revisit our past, contemplate our present and plan for the future. Some time after setting aside my Art Undone blog, I was invited to revisit it by Indonesian-Dutch composer, Trian Kayhatu, and, together we decided to put the words/experiences to music. To say this was a transformative experience is an understatment. It was a process we both derived much personal satisfaction from and it was the beginning of new journeys within our individual life stories. It's one I hope to continue to chart through words and music and as a contributor to Plum Tree Books. Below is a short piece called Repose, from the Art Undone Project, put to music by Trian Kayhatu.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

photography - Phil Lee

image from short film, Embalmed, playing 'Elsa'. film was directed by Phil Lee.

un souffle qui parcourt le dos
une caress qui dessine l'amour
un baiser de douceur
et d'emotion le long du corps
un instant magique

photography : Phil Lee