Wednesday, 19 February 2014

seven nova: moment

words and music of Seven Nova, who reminded me to share everything but still keep secrets ~ 'mathematically music can create this pure state of balance, which may feel programmed, creating a sense of immaterialism, pure forms, universals, the intangible.. but in doing so I do not sense the curvature of time, which is more elliptical and which (for me) feels more apparent when music has slightly offset undulating patterns and also rhythyms which "swing." .. classical music doesn't swing eighth notes, which despite elegant perfection also (to me) feels cold in a very fundamental way - I like this coldness though, at times, certain moods, detachment, subtle body projections, ungrounded.. zooming out, I imagine the gravitational force of a planet as it circles its sun, unable to break free from its orbit and spinning tens of thousands of miles per second on its axis, counter-opposing forces, somehow preventing the end of eternity, at least until self-destruction or the final event horizon - supernovae...'

Cut Up!

I am thrilled to be part of this stunning collection of artists and writers. Good work Joe Ambrose and Antony Hitchin and all who feature in this anthology!


Kenji Siratori

Jacurutu Scarry Garry-Shinigami Twenty-Three
The Worst Deadly Bank Account Number in the History of the Universe
Michael Butterworth
Trial At Centre Time Ox
Joe Ambrose
The Life and Death of Muammar Gaddafi
Gary J Shipley
from Spook Nutrition
Christopher Nosnibor
Flickering images: life-size shadow-puppetry
Nathan Penlington
Reply With Your Own Virus Checks
Matt Leyshon
Evil Dreams on a Green Baize Table
Díre McCain
Maddening Sun
A.D. Hitchin
Alex S. Johnson
The Ultimate Rock Star
Craig Woods
Her Fires Chill Me
Niall Rasputin
Mike Castro (mpcAstro)
Nidus Plexus: Immortal Fungus (an operotica)
Grady McShane (R.G. Johnson)
Self Cut-Up in Tangier
Lee Kwo
Oublier the Suicide Protocols of Warp Paradox Factor/Entail No Response/
Cabell McLean
Down by Dull
Gary Cummiskey
From April in the Moon-Sun
Marc Olmsted
Plotinus Processes
Chikuma Ashida
Gary J. Shipley
From Necrology
Muckle Jane
Cal Leckie
Spencer Kansa
from Zoning
Geoffrey A. Landis
Michael Mc Aloran
‘By the Maggots For…’
Ben Szathani
Wehrwolf DX13
Dexuality Valentino
Reflect on This
Eabha Rose
Joe Ambrose
Too Long A Sacrifice Makes A Stone Of The Heart /I Will Not Continence/Nothing to Hide or Loose
Robin Tomens
Wayne Mason
Sidewalks to Buddha
Persiphone Hellecat (Charie D. La Marr)
The Lady and the Panther
Paul Hardacre
Bleak Venus: we could not have conceived it to be fire
Larry Delinger
A Cut-Up Story Tale
Paul Hawkins
Dave Mitchell (D M Mitchell)
from Twilight Furniture
Robert Rosen
A.D. Hitchin
Muckle Jane
Shaking Spears
Sinclair Beiles
David Noone
Is the Doctor in?
Joe Ambrose
Deep Ellum
Aad de Gids
Cut-Up of Valerie Solanas’ Manifesto S.C.U.M. (Society For Cutting Up Men), 1967 and Tristan Tzara’s Dada Manifesto, 1918
James Coffin (James B.L Hollands)
Tokoloshe recites the Litany of Britain
Gary J. Shipley
from Theoretical Animals
Lucius Rofocale
Ne/urantia: Close Encounters of the Third Mind
Stay Out/Keep Out


Edward Robinson
The Cut-Ups – Fade In 21st Century
Kirk Lake
Breaking The Timeline: The Collage, the Combine, the Cut-Up and the Sample
Matthew Levi Stevens
Disastrous Success: The Other Method of the Cut-Ups
Gareth Jackson &
Michael Butterworth
Conceptual Radial Literature Device
Allen Ginsberg
Notes on Claude Pélieu
Nina Antonia
The Master and Michele – A Magickal Memo
Peter Playdon
Severed Heads Speak


Billy Houlston (Billy Chainsaw)
D M Mitchell
Andrea Lulu
KJ Nolan
Gustavo Arruda
Dolorosa De La Cruz
Mary Beach
Claude Pélieu
 — with Joe Ambrose and Oneiros Books.

Monday, 17 February 2014


The connection is entirely of the heart. From childhood, it is there as we write or paint, inside that quiet doorway we enter, the other side of us. Later, it exists within those time stopping moments of togetherness where ancient memories are released through touch and sound.

I read that love is something your spine memorizes and there is nothing we can do about that.

We should never wish to forget.

beads of prayer, these
threads of lace,
knots of pearl

(e/r © )

Sunday, 16 February 2014

from 'Embalmed' with Ring Master, Phil Lee - developed from a series of cut-up poems and first shown at DADA Film Festival, Denver in 2013, the project will continue as a series of performance pieces.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

At fifiteen, my passion was creating my own music cassettes, recording my favourite bands and (as teenagers do) playing them over and over until I knew every word and note by heart. I started to experiment with cutting up pieces of music and sound and static and creating audio stories. I would use people’s voices, household sounds, traffic sounds and string them together. The stories for me were mostly built around spirits and visits from other realms. In a sense, I conjured up stories and then built sci-fi soundscapes around them. I think I hoped that in some way my creations would open a portal through which I would be inspired and maybe even informed. I suppose I was looking for messages and of course for escape.

A year later, I had my first experience of plant magic. The experience seemed to burst open portals. I remember lying on the grass with my boyfriend, watching the stars and feeling so connected to the universe. Holding hands, we talked as much as we could about art and philosophy and love. We spent that night lying together under the stars, trying to decode all of the secrets of the cosmos. Interestingly, I had a vision of a cityscape and a small loft apartment. The vision had been so intense that the following day, I drew a picture of it. Three years later, I found myself living in that apartment in New York. A lot of synchronicities happened for a couple of days after that experience. As is often recorded, colours, tastes, sounds had all been more vivid and in harmony.

The experience was replicated some years later without any mind altering substances. Again, synchronicities abounded as did the feeling of connectedness with the cosmos. This time, it was accompanied by an awareness that there is a balance, a harmony that can only be found through staying in the heart.

photo : Karime Limon