Thursday, 13 June 2013

Poets & Artists For A Different World

  • Poets & Artists For A Different World sets out to be THE home for poetry on the web, and by this to assert the importance of poetry itself as an instrument of change and enlightenment, to provide a meeting place for the human spirit, where it can grow in surprising new directions.The group believes that the world itself is a poem, one which we are all writing. And we want it to be, as Byron said of himself: not good, but great. In a 24-hour news culture the individual voice can rarely be heard. Poets & Artists For A Different World seeks to provide a forum for memorable speech by exceptional voices, where all hands reach out to all others, a place where those individual voices can be heard, for the sakeof our present mood and as a gift to future generations.The aim is simple enough: to attract, find, educe, and encourage the best, most interesting voices, and to be a place where excellence can be championed and the soul thrilled and refreshed. New poems and pictures will be posted all the time. So this is the world's spirit, mind, heart and soul speaking to itself. And if the aliens come and want to find out what humanity is like, let them look here to discover what we are like, can be like, should be like, and how we suffer because we are not quite there yet.The site is free and open to all. It already includes poets and artists from all over the world. It is without borders, a place for the cool kids and the world-is-a-village elders to gather together, a reflection of that better world to come, when all conflict is finished, and people can get on with their real work of loving and understanding each other and their planet home. It is a place of clear humanist light within the world's great babble, where we can educate our feelings and liberate ourselves to take new roads ahead.Come one, come all, roll up, roll up, walk with us in the virginal .
    forests…….Each poem, each picture, is our greatest adventur.
    please all posts must be in English , it s international movement
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Monday, 10 June 2013

National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2013

National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2013


A 3ª Edição do Jornal de Literatura e Arte O EQUADOR DAS COISAS já está em circulação! Um grande abraço às editoras Carol P. ArtBrazil e Karime Limon. Um salve também para Iara Fernandes e Tatiana Carlotti, editoras-convidadas. E um abraço aos colaboradores e entrevistados desta edição, a citar: Helena Frenzel, Natália Escobar, Letícia Palmeira, Eabha Rose, Vinícius Figueiredo, Setty Lepida, Sharon Frye e Ana Lucia Sorrentino. Muito lindo tudo isso. Sigamos, bucaneiros!

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Sunday, 2 June 2013